The Extras Database provides a seamless and innovative solution for entertainment professionals. The easy to use system provides Extras Casting Directors with an innovative new tool to efficiently access the most comprehensive database to discover and book the best extras for their productions, giving extras talent the finest casting opportunities in Film and television.


01. Casting

Upcoming TV, Movie, Commercial and other productions.


02. Searching

To find Extras and Agents on the Extras db.


03. Discover

The right extras for the specific roles.


04. Book

Confirm the details and send out the booking.


As an extra on The Extras DB, you have access to the most powerful extras booking system in the business. Once you're a member you will have your own personal profile, which you can manage. The Extras DB gives extras talent the finest casting opportunities in Film and Television. The annual Membership includes the ability to update your profile with a minimum of two photos and a maximum of ten photos per year. By joining The Extras Database your profile becomes easily discoverable to casting directors which then opens up your opportunities to be cast in film and television productions. Our seamless booking system also allows you to efficiently manage your diary, as you and your agent will be sent booking details directly.

Agencies are able to search the database for freelance extras. This establishes a possibility of a credible agency discovering you via the database if you are yet to be represented by an agent.

The opportunities and possibilities set out in this section are not guarantees or promises of employment or representation.

Extras Casting

Extra casting members can efficiently send their casting briefs then receive submissions of available and suitable extras for their TV and film productions. Once extras casting directors have selected the suitable talent required, they simply book the required extras using our advanced digital booking system. 

All agents and extras will instantly receive production details; including call times, locations, wardrobe details, and other special instructions via email and SMS. Concise booking lists are simply created via "The Extras DB" website for your production.


As an Agency member, you can instantly submit your extras for casting briefs. By simply selecting your extras for the production brief, your talent is then instantly notified of all production details via email and SMS allowing them to confirm their availability. Once the availability of your talent is confirmed, their profiles will become visible to the extras casting director, giving them the opportunity to be booked as an extra on the production. Booking details including call times, hours, shooting location and wardrobe any additional instructions will be instantly sent to the agent and extras via email/SMS.